Patient Monitoring Consumables

View our Catalogue of our Largest collection of patient monitoring accessories.

Medical devices Price List 2022

View our Catalogue of our Latest Small Medical Devices 2022

Oxygen Concentrators

Visit Our catalogue for high efficiency and variable O2 output and portable oxygen concentrator.

1.5ML Micro-Centrifuge Tubes

These pyramidal 1.5ML tubes are ideal for the processing and storage of small volume samples, extracts and reagents. 

Handheld Medical Diagnostic devices

View our catalogue of ISO 13485 certified high quality but low-cost Handheld Medical Diagnostic Devices.

Veterinary Ultrasound & monitoring cables.

Our veterinary ultrasound provides valuable diagnostic experience for the reproductive & general conditions of different kind of livestock. We have compatible cables for all models of veterinary monitors (reusable & disposable) at the lowest price in the market!

Dental products

Our own manufactured high-quality reusable and disposable dental products are very popular among the customers across the globe. We are authorised distributors of Intramedical Ltd dental products across the Midlands, Wales, and Scotland.

Surgical items

We are the largest collection of high-quality surgical items available through our partner Intramedical Ltd.

Handheld Ultrasound Probes

Our new innovative mini ultrasound scanners without a screen. Our probe output can be viewed on any smart devices.

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