Patient monitors measure, record, distribute and display combinations of biometric values like pulse , SPO2, vital sign , temperature and more. High-capability, multi-function monitors are typically utilised in hospitals and clinics to make sure a high level of quality patient care. Portable patient monitors are designed to be compact and power efficient. this enables them to be utilised in remote areas or by paramedics to assist diagnosis within the field, enable monitoring and transmitting data to healthcare providers in other locations.

Precise measurement, infection prevention, and workplace management are all crucial when considering patient monitor cables and accessories. for instance , our portfolio of ECG leads offers both reusable and high-quality lead systems intended for single patient use. These ECG cables also are compatible with various patient monitoring vendors and include adapters compatible with various telemetry transmitters. From our disposable accessories that help prevent nonsocial infection , to multimed pods that reduce cable clutter, commitment to quality is found in all of our patient monitoring.

Below are some general types of patient monitoring accessories.